Monday, December 12, 2011

December holiday

My parents suggested we join them for Christmas in Johannesburg! We took them up on their offer and LOVED every minute of it.

In Heidelberg
Four cuties

Ami and Daniel (my cousin's son) at the Johannesburg Zoo

Christmas Eve Dinner at Opa and Nanny's house.

Ice cream at the zoo.

All of us at the Christmas table at Opa and Nanny's.

Taken the day we arrived in Johannesburg

Ben opening one of his presents on Christmas Day

We took the kids to the Eastgate Shopping Mall for their first ever ice cream sundae!

Cutest kids again!

Cute dads! Brian and Andrew (my cousin's husband) at the zoo

The kids had seen a picture of an ice cream sundae in a book and we had said they could try one at Milky lane in Eastgate. They thought the sundaes were amazing!

Alli just had an ice cream cone

Dad putting together Allison's scooter on Christmas Day

Kids having their picture taken with Max the gorilla