Saturday, January 29, 2011

Massive Moth

When cousin Ethan was here he loved looking for bugs and goggas. We found this huge moth after school one day and thought Ethan would especially like it. It stayed in the same place for the afternoon. We were convinced it was injured. We came out later and then after much probing from pesky kiddos, he flew away to safety and clung onto a leaf in the tree above. No sooner had he done that and the kids were up the tree looking for him!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Rainy afternoons

Our kids spend most of their playtime outside and so it's been fun to see what they have come up with when the rain pours down.
This one made me smile the most. Brian's mom used to read this exact book to him. It has travelled the oceans in its lifetime and now Yertle the Turtle is in the warm heart of Africa being read by dad to his bookworm.

Bradley playing army/war/attack/boy game.

Alli getting into the crayon tub

Ami and Bradley have learned how to play chess.
Ben sticks to his books.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A date!

I have been "hereby notified to appear for a Naturalization Oath Ceremony on Feb 11th, 2011." Three weeks from today. We are trying to organize tickets and it looks like it'll be a real quick trip, but I am so excited. The kids are even more ecstatic that I'm finally going. Their darling dad has told them 'that while mom is away we're going to stay up late and watch movies in the livingroom until we fall asleep.'

Once I have my Naturalization Certificate I can apply for my US passport at the Embassy in Lilongwe. It hasn't been easy to naturalize since we've never lived in the US, but there is a provision made for missionaries which doesn't require any residential time in the US. The only catch is that I have to be there in person to take the oath. I am flying alone for the first time, without my favourite man and my sweet babies-please pray that all goes well.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Frank, Richard and Felix took 20 minutes to kill a 4ft (1.3m) green mamba yesterday. He dropped down from the trees near the carport at our neighbour's house and slithered into the nearby bushes. Fortunately, the kids were all inside. They ride their bikes into that carport often. Some folk weren't sure it was a green mamba- we go with what the locals say- we reckon they know their snakes better than we do :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The doctor is happy with my mom's heart condition this week. It is enlarged on the left side and she has pulmonary hypertension, but nothing serious enough to warrant a hospital stay. We are so thankful for your prayers on her behalf. The doctor has said that she has to take it easy though! Also, in case you were wondering, we still have not heard back from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services about my oath taking date. They are aware that I did not attend the ceremony in December because they have sent us a letter explaining that because I was not there I have one more oath ceremony date that I will have to attend. If I fail to make this last ceremony date, then I have to start the whole process of applying for citizenship all over again. We are trusting that the letter will make it to us soon.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rains are here

Seems like the rains are finally here. We have had quite a few showers over the past days.

We have planted three new trees in our backyard. We really need shade for the hotter months. These trees are supposed to grow 3 meters a year. Allison was just a little taller than this one and so we'll see how they fare - the kids and the saplings :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cute kids

Opa and Nanny have some really cute grandkids! My mom is still not doing that great. She will see her heart doctor again on Monday. Please pray that he is happier with her than he was last week so that she won't have to go to hospital.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last days

There were a few days after the trip to the Lake and before our cousins had to leave where we did some fun things.

One morning the boys painted, while the girls baked a carrot cake.

Ami and Julia greasing the cake pan.

Adding their decorative touch with our self-made ziploc piping bags :0

The girls had a tea with nanny and their aunties. They used Ami's birthday tea set.

We all got dressed up in fancy clothes. The theme was butterflies.

We tried to use our manners and speak with posh British accents, but nearly killed over in laughter when Julia picked up her cake and just shoved it into her mouth.

My sister and her precious girl.

The day before our cousins left, we had a candy store in our yard. The kids brought their hard earned money and enjoyed spending it on some of their favorite treats.

We called it Noonies Cash Store and we had an end of year sale- appropriately on 31st.

A couple of dips in the pool to round out our suntans.

Julia is holding the casing of some firework thing that my dad found in the market. We set them off and it wasn't Disneyland, but for MK200 - $1.10 that's what you would expect. It was fun.

Little Alli crept into her cousins hearts too.

Uncle Grant giving good-bye hugs. It's always so hard to say good-bye, especially when you don't know when next you'll see one another.

The lovely Russell family. We miss you!