Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last days

There were a few days after the trip to the Lake and before our cousins had to leave where we did some fun things.

One morning the boys painted, while the girls baked a carrot cake.

Ami and Julia greasing the cake pan.

Adding their decorative touch with our self-made ziploc piping bags :0

The girls had a tea with nanny and their aunties. They used Ami's birthday tea set.

We all got dressed up in fancy clothes. The theme was butterflies.

We tried to use our manners and speak with posh British accents, but nearly killed over in laughter when Julia picked up her cake and just shoved it into her mouth.

My sister and her precious girl.

The day before our cousins left, we had a candy store in our yard. The kids brought their hard earned money and enjoyed spending it on some of their favorite treats.

We called it Noonies Cash Store and we had an end of year sale- appropriately on 31st.

A couple of dips in the pool to round out our suntans.

Julia is holding the casing of some firework thing that my dad found in the market. We set them off and it wasn't Disneyland, but for MK200 - $1.10 that's what you would expect. It was fun.

Little Alli crept into her cousins hearts too.

Uncle Grant giving good-bye hugs. It's always so hard to say good-bye, especially when you don't know when next you'll see one another.

The lovely Russell family. We miss you!


Linda Russell said...

Biedebachs we miss you all so much! We talk about you all a lot and I'm having some photos printed this weekend so we can frame them. Well done on getting the blog post done - knowing your internet connection better now - I give you a high five!! love you sis xxx

By the Brook said...

Happy movie night. Yip, it's quite a drag with the connection-imagine the joy when we finally get high speed- Grant'spics are amazing!

Lishe said...

that cake looks so good! well done ami and julia! great idea a high tea with the ladies :)