Friday, December 31, 2010

Lake Malawi

Soon after Christmas, we planned to spend a couple days at Lake Malawi. My mom was not feeling well and decided not to go along. My dad, Alli and I stayed with her in Lilongwe, while the rest of the gang had great fun in Salima.

Loading up the Freestate Ferrari - just for the record, the VW made it all the way to the Lake and back with no hiccups.

A zebra - there is not great game viewing in Malawi- still fun for the cousins to see though.

Uncle Grant getting a mud bath.

Cousins, Ethan and Ami.

The cottage looks out onto this!

Lake Malawi.

The swimming pool at the cottage where they stayed.

Cousins without Alli.

That's Ami near the top. A huge frangipani tree? I think- in the beautiful garden where they stayed.

Look! SuperBen in Boots with uncle Martin.

A craftsman polishing his wares for sale.

Lunch at Livingstonia Beach. The family enjoyed a meal out and the long wait was worth it. They ate chambo, which is a local fish.

Stores in Salima.

There still has not been much rain at all here in Lilongwe, however, near the lake it seems quite green.


Lishe said...

great pictures!

By the Brook said...

Grant took all of them!