Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dead Pets

A friend told me the other day that we should really consider getting a dog. Bradley, especially loves dogs and has asked for one for a long time. My theory is that until they can learn to pick up their clothes off their bedroom floor, we won't consider it. How will they learn to pick up the dog poop? They are pretty desperate though...they came in the other day with three dead creatures as options for pets. Funny thing is, they were convinced the creatures were still breathing and ready to take on their new role as the new Biedebach Boys' Pets.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Magical Makeover

Sometimes the kids will get a hairbrush and brush my hair and transform my style into their idea of an amazing hairdo using hair goodies, clips and detangling spray. Today, the boys decided my face needed some transforming too. My make-up was slapped on rather thickly, thank goodness for good make-up remover :0)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bradley's 6th Birthday

In the past, we have combined Ami and Bradley's birthday parties because their actual birthdays are so close. This year, however, we went for the calmer, less stressful single celebration party. No donkeys, box castles or pigs, but rather a teddy bears' picnic with a few friends and two sisters:)
Bradley is a delightful boy. He is gentle in his nature, most of the time. His laugh is infectious and his smile melts my heart. Love you big 6 year old!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Reading Day

Every year at the ABC Academy, the children dress up as a book character. We had a crazy morning getting everyone ready! Benjamin was Yertle the Turtle.
Ami was Marvin, the sheep who wanted more. Bradley was Mister Dog.

Ami in her class parade.
She won the prize for most original costume in her class. Bradleu won the most original cotume award in his class too:)

This costume, in my opinion, was the best! His mom said that her husband had been working on the costume for a couple of weeks. Who would've thought you could come up with something so brilliant here in Malawi

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A day out

While Joanne was here we decided to visit Lake Malawi so that she could see more of rural Malawi on the way down to Salima.

The kids enjoyed the kiddie pool. We had a great day

Ami holding "Baby Erin" as she was affectionately called.

The weather was gorgeous and it was so refreshing to take a dip.

On our trip to the lake we also stopped off in a village near Chipoka (where Brian used to live in 1997) and picked up a dug out canoe. It took a whole bunch of village men to load it onto our roof rack. We arrived home safely with it. Brian would like to convert it into a couch.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bed birthdays

Mom turning 35! I wasn't exactly as excited to be woken up, especially because the birthday song rang in my ears at 5am!

Yip that's what I look like at 5am!

My cousin Joanne and her daughter Erin visited us here for a week and her birthday happens to be 6 days after mine, so she too was serenaded as our tradition demands. Hers however, was not at 5am but rather at 6:30am.