Friday, October 7, 2011

Reading Day

Every year at the ABC Academy, the children dress up as a book character. We had a crazy morning getting everyone ready! Benjamin was Yertle the Turtle.
Ami was Marvin, the sheep who wanted more. Bradley was Mister Dog.

Ami in her class parade.
She won the prize for most original costume in her class. Bradleu won the most original cotume award in his class too:)

This costume, in my opinion, was the best! His mom said that her husband had been working on the costume for a couple of weeks. Who would've thought you could come up with something so brilliant here in Malawi


Anonymous said...

Wow Neets, Marvin The Sheep is brilliant!! How did you do that?!

Lishe said...

must have been a lot of work and fun for the moms of all those kids :)

Julie M. Lee said...

That is so awesome! How fun!!

Lynn said...

Looks like lots of fun. Only Benjamin looks sad about his turtle mom? Haha...enjoy reading kids!