Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A day out

While Joanne was here we decided to visit Lake Malawi so that she could see more of rural Malawi on the way down to Salima.

The kids enjoyed the kiddie pool. We had a great day

Ami holding "Baby Erin" as she was affectionately called.

The weather was gorgeous and it was so refreshing to take a dip.

On our trip to the lake we also stopped off in a village near Chipoka (where Brian used to live in 1997) and picked up a dug out canoe. It took a whole bunch of village men to load it onto our roof rack. We arrived home safely with it. Brian would like to convert it into a couch.


Lishe said...

did the kids travel on top of the roof in that canoe? must be fun :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos guys! So wonderful that Jo could visit.