Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Guess who learned how to swim? Our Benja! Ami and Brad are doing well in their lessons too.

Ben demonstrating with much gusto! He is so happy.
Bradley practising with his kickboard.

Ben and Yamikani- He is the little boy that Kellen and Becca are hoping to adopt.
Losing more teeth too:)
Ami's favourite stroke is freestyle.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


We are back home now and were thrilled to SEE, HUG and KISS four precious bundles. The children did fine during the six days we were away. Our friends, Kellen and Becca, who looked after our four bundles plus one of their own, said they were amazed at the hard work you have to do to keep everything running. Speaking of RUNNING, we hit the ground doing just that! This weekend I had two netball matches, one of which I had to umpire (there wasn't anyone else)...in my skirt and slip slops :0)
I took some pictures of the game we played on Saturday. Netball is a mixture of basketball and ultimate frisbee and I love it!

I have been coaching the African Bible College(red and gold) team since August 2011 and have really enjoyed it. Our team has fared pretty well, especially considering the fact that they haven't played in a league for at least five years. We have one player who is a hopeful for the U21 National Squad. The Malawi National team also known as Malawi Queens defeated continental rivals South Africa 61-37 in October 2011 during the Four-Nation Invitational tournament in Perth, Australia. This win has helped the national netball team to reclaim its top ranking on the continent and also the fifth position in the world. When you see the condition of the courts and equipment and lack of sponsorship it's amazing to see how well Malawi does. The sand court in these pictures is what most girls play on and barefoot too.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Just a few pictures of Chad and Carina's wedding. They were married at a wedding venue called The Moon and Sixpence. Brian performed his first wedding ceremony for Mike and Fiona Macneil at the same venue. It has changed so much after the past 12 years. We hardly recognised it.

Kevin and Judy Mortimer, mom and dad to Chad. Both Judy and Chad have been to Malawi to visit. Judy helped watch our kids while we were at a conference in 2008.

Hout Bay

Brian is doing a research project through Stellenbosch University and he had to meet with his advisor this week. We flew down to Johannesburg for a wedding (Chad and Carina's) and then on to Cape Town. We stayed with Andrew and Caroline in Hout Bay and were able to see Allan and Tony Gill as well as the Russells (Lana and James) from London. Brian had a ton of work to do, but we did manage to have one picture taken on the beach. In case you're wondering...the children stayed in Lilongwe with our friends, Kellen and Becca.

Having Andrew's delicious homemade pizzas
It was so good to see James and Lana. They live two houses away from my sister in London.

Our two minutes of R and R:)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Potluck and Games

We had a games night and potluck meal for Bible Study a couple of weeks ago.

Brian loves Monopoly and he often tries to coax my brother and dad to play with him. On this evening he had great fun with his willing competitors. He also loved winning:)