Friday, May 28, 2010

In my brother's footsteps

Alli Mae has decided that she too will get in on the 'going solo' action and has taken her first steps. Just last week I looked at all her 'hand-me-down' shoes and thought..."Wow, this girl has loads of shoes and she isn't even walking". She's our only baby to get it right before turning one! Ben was 12 months, Brad was 13 months and Ami was 17 months! Seems like they have learned from each other.

Precious bundles and all walking :)

Helping dad to take off Brad's training wheels.

My dad always said that kids don't need shoes until they're walking-it's good for their feet to be free while learning. Here are some of Alli's collection-I think she may have more pairs than me:)
And for those of you who know our kids...well they hardly ever wear shoes, she probably won't even get to wear them all before she grows out of them.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Going solo

Bradley has finally taken off his training wheels after some encouragement from Dad. He has been riding his bike with his training wheels still on, since March. It's as though the thought of them being removed would make him unable to pedal! Anyway, he's done it and is thrilled at being able to do so.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Austin T does it again!

Remember Rachel Floreen sat on the spoon? Well yes, Austin T does it again. She is having a girl!
Ladies from our church had a SURPRISE baby shower for her today and she was SURPRISED!
Baby shower - Malawi style. We had it at a tea garden.

Jen concentrating real hard on her Nursery Rhyme Questionnaire.

Mom to be!

We had a fun time!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update on Mom

My mother saw the cardiologist who works alongside Dr. Carol-Ann Benn and because of the condition of her heart, he said she cannot ever have chemotherapy. Her heart wouldn't cope with the treatment and she would probably die. What an answer to prayer, unbeknown to my mom, my dad had been praying that she wouldn't have to go through with chemo. So God has used the "tatty" condition of her heart to spare her the chemotherapy and radiation (she cannot have that either).

The team of doctors still need to discuss the procedures for surgery and removal of the cancer, also they need to look at the MRI and see whether it has spread. All this will be seen to in the next week and we'll keep you updated as best we can. We are praying that the cancer won't have spread and that it can easily be removed. Our desire is that Nanny would be with us for many more years, however, we know that she won't be here a minute longer than what our Father in heaven has already ordained. Ultimately, His will be done for His glory. We trust the almighty God who is all loving and all knowing. He loves my mom and she knows Him. What grace and what joy!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thanks for asking

Many have asked after my dear mother and so here's what is going on. This Wednesday she will see Dr. Carol Ann Benn- an excellent breast cancer doctor at the Millpark Hospital in Johannesburg. They will discuss all her options and possibly determine whether the cancer has spread elsewhere. You can pray for the visit and thank the Lord that she was able to get an appointment with this doctor who apparently is very busy.
Some of you have asked about whether my headaches have gone after taking the tapeworm medication and unfortunately they have not. I still experience the headaches and dizziness on a daily basis, but am trying to make adjustments to cope with them. Thanks for taking the time to read about what is going on in our lives. We especially value your prayers.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Kamuzu Day

Today was a public holiday and I didn't have to wake Ami up to get ready for school. Instead, we made oatmeal-apple pancakes for breakfast YUM! and then we headed out and met some home schooling friends for tea at a new tea garden that recently opened. We happen to know the owner. She attends our church. We came home and had burritos with homemade tortillas and then the neighbourhood cronies joined in for some quiet lego play on the livingroom carpet. Just a delightful day. Kamuzu Banda was the president of Malawi a number of years ago. He held a long term of office, was a benevolent dictator and a well respected man.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mom Kelder

Please pray for my mom. They have found a lump with malignant cells in her breast. She will have it removed in the next two weeks and then they will decide what treatment she needs. The cancer is type 2 which means it is the spreadable type. Please pray that she would trust the Lord completely during this time and that we as a family would too. I know that many of you know her and what a blessing and delight she is. We would so appreciate your prayers on her behalf.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Benjamin is three!

Boo Boo had a blast yesterday as we celebrated his birthday! Benjamin is our boy with major spunkernality - no such word, but been derived ever since his birth. He is really sweet, but likes to act independently alot of the time. Benja we love you so much and thank the Lord for you every day. Daddy thinks you'll be a preacher one day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

How many kids...

does it take to summit the water tank?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who will buy...?

The kids and their neighbourhood cronies spent a number of afternoons constructing...! They would go over to the dump next to our house and find whatever they could that looked good enough to build with. Eventually, dad helped with their project and the tuck shop was borne. They had quite a few customers in spite of their high prices, although Dad helped out with that too because he asked workers on campus to go over and buy and he gave them the money to do it too :) What a Dad! However, business has been slow of late because the kids ate up quite a bit of their merchandise. Now they're waiting for a trip into town so they can stock up on their wares.

Getting started. Bradley: "Oh no, what am I getting into here?"

Steve (he works in our home) purchasing a frosted cookie for 50 kwacha (30 cents- US).
Daddy and uncle Matt also supported the on campus tuck shop.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ami at school

Some of the kids sitting at the pavilion (newly constructed outdoor school hall) during chapel.

Ami's class getting ready to sing a song about, 'The Good Shepherd'.
She is enjoying school very much and is doing fine. I don't like waking her up early in the morning to get ready. I wish sometimes I could just leave her all curled up in a ball, like I used to. School begins at 7:15am.

Much better

We're wondering now if what Allison had wasn't perhaps rosiola. She has a rash on her neck, chest and back. She is doing much better though and had a "rightful rage" in the tub tonight when she didn't get her own way...