Friday, May 21, 2010

Austin T does it again!

Remember Rachel Floreen sat on the spoon? Well yes, Austin T does it again. She is having a girl!
Ladies from our church had a SURPRISE baby shower for her today and she was SURPRISED!
Baby shower - Malawi style. We had it at a tea garden.

Jen concentrating real hard on her Nursery Rhyme Questionnaire.

Mom to be!

We had a fun time!


Natalie said...

Looks great!!! Hope you're feeling o.k. Anita! I pray for you often.

Austin Duncan said...

booyah. I still need to put Merilly through the test for the coming one. I like to wait until the third trimester for best results.

Lishe said...

looks like it was a lovely teaparty/babyshower!
we don't do that overhere, but i was so surprised in SA when they had one for me, that we started the tradition overhere too!

Conrad and Jen said...

Hahaha, I seem to be the only one who the test did not work for! I was so surprised when I had a boy - for more than one reason I was sure it was a girl. (I also sat on a spoon) Looks like it was a really nice baby shower. Hope you are feeling better Anita.

Bied said...

Jen, the test did work for you. I think someone forgot to tell you that in Canada the procedure is exactly opposite to the way everyone else does it:)