Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thanks for asking

Many have asked after my dear mother and so here's what is going on. This Wednesday she will see Dr. Carol Ann Benn- an excellent breast cancer doctor at the Millpark Hospital in Johannesburg. They will discuss all her options and possibly determine whether the cancer has spread elsewhere. You can pray for the visit and thank the Lord that she was able to get an appointment with this doctor who apparently is very busy.
Some of you have asked about whether my headaches have gone after taking the tapeworm medication and unfortunately they have not. I still experience the headaches and dizziness on a daily basis, but am trying to make adjustments to cope with them. Thanks for taking the time to read about what is going on in our lives. We especially value your prayers.


Conrad and Jen said...

I haven't checked your blog for a while, so I just got caught up and read about your mom. We will definitely pray for her and the rest of your family. My heart is sad right now to hear about the cancer, but I know that our God is a big God and He is the Great Physician and able to heal!

Norma Farmer said...

Hi Anita,

So sorry to hear about your mom, Linda told me last night on messenger. So sad that your mom has to suffer this. We are praying for you all at this time.

Also will pray for you for healing regarding the headaches.
Lots of love from Peter and me.

Lynn said...

Dear Anita. I am so sorry about your mother. But I must say what an encouragement she and your father is. They are both so focused on what God has planned for their lives. We love them lots here at Grace.

Thinking of you also ... !

I enjoy all the news of the kids as well.

Caroline Gill said...

Thanks for your faithfulness in keeping us all posted so we can hold you guys up in our prayers. Thanks too, for sharing all your joys and sorrows with us - you are a continual source of inspiration to all the women who know and love you, and a perfect companion to your wonderful husband. Your children are blessed to have you as their mother! We love you so much Anita, will always hold you in high regard, and pray that God will keep you in our lives for many years, so we can learn from your wonderful example. May the Lord hear all your prayers for healing and help, and keep you and your loved ones always close to His heart!!

Carole said...

Hi Anita,

Ray and I are praying for your mum.

So sorry that she has to go through all of this.


Carl, Melitsa & Aiden said...

Anita, I am so sorry to read that your mom is going through this. I will be praying for healing for her as well as strength for all of you during this hard time.
Also continuing to pray for your health!