Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sad and Happy

Today was sad and the kids and I all shed tears. Brian left for Malawi and will be gone for 33 sleeps.
We also had a happy day because we celebrated my mom's birthday. We are so thankful to the Lord for giving her these many years. The kids had fun singing to her this morning and giving her gifts. Brian's dad, grandpa Mark, also celebrated his birthday today and he is doing very well. The Lord has blessed him with many, many years too.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Work with Opa is fun

Giving "BD" a bath is fun

Polishing Opa's shoes is fun

Digging for weeds in the garden is fun.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We had a wonderful time this week with our friends, the Jones family. They are missionaries in Malawi too, but will return to the US this June. Being rather pregnant, I was a little apprehensive about our planned day at the amusement park. The thought of standing in long lines in warm weather was not appealing to me. However, I was so excited to spend time with John, Emily and their four adorable kids that I ignored my thoughts of the unbearable. God in His graciousness and He also knowing how I can complain, had it all planned. The park was practically empty, it was as though we owned the place. All the children had a ball and so did we, yes me included! We will miss the Jones family very much! They were a real example to us especially in their godly parenting and their love for the Lord!

Ford bumping into Ami.
Ami and Brad had read about bumper cars, but couldn't quite grab the idea. They loved them and were able to go on as many times as they liked because there weren't any lines.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bied is here

Brian preached at IBF Church in Malawi on Easter Sunday and then got on a plane to fly down to spend 8 days here in SA. What fun the kids had running up to their Dad at the airport. They hadn't seen him for two weeks. I missed him terribly and am trying hard not to think of the time when he'll be away for a whole month! We've had such fun family time since he has been here. We were invited to an afternoon with the Easter bunny. The kids know that there is no such thing and that a bunny has nothing to do with the real reason for celebrating Easter, but they enjoyed the chocolate non-the-less:)
With the Easter bunny

Kids 'attack' dad in the morning, they love having him here.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

One More Sleep...

YAY! Brian gets to join us down here in South Africa for a week. We do miss not having him here with us, but of course, he has to be in Malawi to work.

We are so excited because the Floreens' container arrived this week and Brian managed to get it all unpacked before he comes here. Now he can enjoy time here without having to stress too much about how that would all get done. The Floreens are still in the USA raising their support to come and serve in Malawi full-time. The Lord was so gracious in answering our prayers for the Floreens' TEP (Temporary Employment Permit) application to go through which now allows them to work with International Bible Fellowship Church. Brian and Kondwani have been working on the church registration ever since we moved to Lilongwe and we are finally a legal entity! God's timing is perfect.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bird Gardens

Taryn with Noah and Hannah, Adri with Ruvan and Melissa pushing Benjamin.
Ami and Brad in the background.

Flamingoes - all the enclosures and cages were very clean and neat.

Those must be the Biedebach kids from Africa - no shoes!

On Thursday, we went with some friends to a gorgeous bird garden in Johannesburg. It was really fun to get out the house and the kids enjoyed it too. Also, it was good to spend time with Melissa, Adri and Taryn.

Curls gone

Benjamin has cute curly hair, but we decided to cut it because it was getting a little matted at the back- like a bird's nest :) He looks older now with all that baby hair gone.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Benjamin having a mouthful of scone.

Last week we went to Irene (where there is a great outdoor craft market and yummy jam and cream scones). We met up with Conrad and Jennifer Tycholaz there. They are visiting SA from Canada. Conrad and Jen worked in South Africa for a year while we were still in Johannesburg. He is a brick mason and worked on the Zulu Church plant. Jen taught the kids at Lambano. They were a huge blessing. It has been fun to see them again and to meet their newest addition, baby Zachary.