Thursday, April 16, 2009


We had a wonderful time this week with our friends, the Jones family. They are missionaries in Malawi too, but will return to the US this June. Being rather pregnant, I was a little apprehensive about our planned day at the amusement park. The thought of standing in long lines in warm weather was not appealing to me. However, I was so excited to spend time with John, Emily and their four adorable kids that I ignored my thoughts of the unbearable. God in His graciousness and He also knowing how I can complain, had it all planned. The park was practically empty, it was as though we owned the place. All the children had a ball and so did we, yes me included! We will miss the Jones family very much! They were a real example to us especially in their godly parenting and their love for the Lord!

Ford bumping into Ami.
Ami and Brad had read about bumper cars, but couldn't quite grab the idea. They loved them and were able to go on as many times as they liked because there weren't any lines.

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Lishe said...

love the pictures, look how much fun the kids have!!! glad you had a nice outing too :)