Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bied is here

Brian preached at IBF Church in Malawi on Easter Sunday and then got on a plane to fly down to spend 8 days here in SA. What fun the kids had running up to their Dad at the airport. They hadn't seen him for two weeks. I missed him terribly and am trying hard not to think of the time when he'll be away for a whole month! We've had such fun family time since he has been here. We were invited to an afternoon with the Easter bunny. The kids know that there is no such thing and that a bunny has nothing to do with the real reason for celebrating Easter, but they enjoyed the chocolate non-the-less:)
With the Easter bunny

Kids 'attack' dad in the morning, they love having him here.

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Lishe said...

the picture of Brian and the happy kids is great!