Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sad and Happy

Today was sad and the kids and I all shed tears. Brian left for Malawi and will be gone for 33 sleeps.
We also had a happy day because we celebrated my mom's birthday. We are so thankful to the Lord for giving her these many years. The kids had fun singing to her this morning and giving her gifts. Brian's dad, grandpa Mark, also celebrated his birthday today and he is doing very well. The Lord has blessed him with many, many years too.


Laura said...

You might be sad, but Danny's pretty excited! Only for more days 'til I give up my man, but he'll only be gone for 17 "sleeps." I'm so grateful you have family to keep you busy and comforted in Brian's absence, but will pray for God's special grace on you as you manage 3 kids and a pregnancy in his absence. Thanks for being willing to share!

Lishe said...

o poor kids, i can imagine it's not nice to see dad leave again... tehy don't understand '33days' i guess...
so good to see your dad keeping them busy.
We'll pray for you in these last weeks of the pregnancy, i now know all about those days myself :)