Sunday, October 31, 2010

Can't trick 'em

Soooo much for my idea of a candy free Oct 31st. Just after bath time and out of the blue, Ami asked when is Trick or Treat Night- that's all they really know it as. I didn't lie. I told her that it was actually the 31st today and that it's Trick or Treat tonight...
WELL then there was a major scurry and flurry! Pjs came off and costumes went on and as soon as Dad pulled in the driveway they yelled at him and so off they went wishing everyone on upper campus a Happy Reformation Day. They came back with quite a bounty. Thanks to you dear neighbours out there who gave of your candy stash!

Trick or treat?

Nope not this year, too much going on and our costumes are getting too small. No one in Malawi celebrates here at all and so this year we'll save our teeth :) Ami and Bradley did dress up for reading day at school earlier this month. He was supposed to be the Little Red Hen and Ami was Dr. John Dolittle.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Things happen slowly in Africa. The proposed mall next door to us is making progress. Malawians have said to us that they cannot believe that anyone would take so long just to build the foundation. Of course, it is going to a major building and so a solid foundation is imperative. I'm sure there's a sermon illustration in there somewhere for Bied to use :)

The other day when it took me three hours to get all my grocery shopping done, I said to B that even though I'm not partial to the huge development next door, if it'll make the shopping a little quicker then I'm all for it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

They are here!

We were so excited to have dad home. He was just as happy to see us and his bed!
These are some pics, courtesy of Jeff and even though the trip was a really tough one, it seems all the weary travellers would agree that it was definitely worth it.

Being towed - African style! The guy on the top of the bakkie is holding the reflective triangle to show that someone is being towed-for safety:)

Whenever they broke down, the guys had to unload the vehicle on the inside to get to the engine!

The made it to the Thursday 9am conference at 9:08am-that's very on time in Africa:)
Here they are with John Piper.

The guys with Conrad Mbewe from Zambia

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Nan

Nanny enjoyed the early morning walks to school with Ami and Bradley.

There are not many places to go to with little kids in Lilongwe at all. We did go out one day to a nursery though and snapped a picture on this bench. The sad reality is that it looks a lot nicer than it actually is:(

Family movie night with nanny.

We're still hoping Allison's hair will stay you can see where she gets it from.
Nanny you are such a blessing to have around here and we can't wait for you to visit again.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How far with a VW?

Brian left at 4:30am for South Africa yesterday. He, a colleague and 8 ABC students packed our white vw combi and were on their way. They travelled through Mozambique, Zimbabwe and then on to South Africa. They broke down in the combi six times and spent 20 hours in Mozambique! Their plan was to be in Johannesburg tonight. They only got to Messina at 6:45pm and had to be towed in. We are thankful for our friends in Polokwane at Christ Seminary who graciously put them up for the night. The VW is on its way to the mechanic. Lord willing, they'll start their way back on Sunday night. If you think of it, won't you pray for safe travel for them and also that the REZ Conference will impact their lives for God's glory.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big Five

Bradley is five years old! We celebrated early in the morning with our family, including nanny. Later in the day, we also shared ice cream with his classmates.
Looks like he is still half asleep. We had to wake him up at 5:20am because Dad had a meeting at 5:30am!

Benjamin joined his big brother's class for the ice cream

Bradley's teacher

Mr. Gray- Bradley's TA

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's a Surprising Day!

My mom arrived in Lilongwe today as a surprise for the kids. Brian is driving down to South Africa next week with students from ABC and a fellow colleague. They will attend the Rezolution Conference and hear speakers, John Piper, Conrad Mbewe and Stuart Townend. Because Bied will be away, we asked my mom if she was okay to fly up here to be with us. Brian snuck her into his office chair and hid her behind a big book. I sent the kids into the office to give Daddy something and WOW! they could not believe their eyes. It was just wonderful. I LOVE SURPRISES.
Ami loves her nanny so much and just couldn't believe that she was actually in daddy's office.

Allison was not so sure of her nanny at first, but is warming up slowly. You'd think she'd remember her especially after having stayed with nanny for three and a half weeks just two months ago.

Happy faces all around.

Today we also had a surprise baby shower for a lady in our church.

We had a delicious tea and she received some useful gifts.
This lady happens to live next door to me and so it was kinda tricky trying to keep it quiet, but we did. I do enjoy surprises.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray

Yes it's that time of year again, we're celebrating the birthdays of the oldest Biedebach siblings. Because Ami and Bradley's birthdays are so close we decided to have one big birthday party like we did last year.
We hired the donkey cart again. It was such a hit last year and so when people asked if we were going to do it again we thought we better :)

I love this picture of Sonia laughing. She is the new ob/gyn here at ABC clinic. Their family has moved here from India and are our new neighbours here on the campus. Her husband, Anand teaches at the college.

On their way to pick up their friends.

Piling the kiddos in.

Some of the adults enjoy the birthday feast.

Mr. Dan Trumble taking a swing at the pinata (also known as the Biedebachs "Beat-a-box").

Ami's reindeer cake.

Bradley's boat-he wanted the same cake as last year. Creature of habit.

Kids crowding the table for cake and ice cream.

Running for the candy once the pinata broke open .

AND...yes Bied is holding a pig!

His name is Wilbur and the kids got him as a gift, mainly from their dad!

He is quite smelly and full of fleas. He is 3 months old and has a little pen out back near our water tower. More things to look forward to when you visit friends and family!