Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Nan

Nanny enjoyed the early morning walks to school with Ami and Bradley.

There are not many places to go to with little kids in Lilongwe at all. We did go out one day to a nursery though and snapped a picture on this bench. The sad reality is that it looks a lot nicer than it actually is:(

Family movie night with nanny.

We're still hoping Allison's hair will stay you can see where she gets it from.
Nanny you are such a blessing to have around here and we can't wait for you to visit again.


Fiona Macneil said...

That little Alison looks soooo cute!!

Linda Russell said...

What lovely photos of such a special Nan!!

Lishe said...

all those pics just show love from Nanny to the kids and from the kids, to nanny, wonderful!

Carole said...

Our girls grew up with nowhere local to go either. SA didn't even have as much as a shopping mall in those days. What they did have though, was plenty of outdoor living, TONS of holidays and lots of fun. What did they miss? nothing!! Their memories of growing up in SA are happy ones and for this I am glad. Your children are blessed.

By the Brook said...

You're right Carol, they are outside all day and they love it!

Natalie said...

Still praying for your mom! She looks great!!!