Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray

Yes it's that time of year again, we're celebrating the birthdays of the oldest Biedebach siblings. Because Ami and Bradley's birthdays are so close we decided to have one big birthday party like we did last year.
We hired the donkey cart again. It was such a hit last year and so when people asked if we were going to do it again we thought we better :)

I love this picture of Sonia laughing. She is the new ob/gyn here at ABC clinic. Their family has moved here from India and are our new neighbours here on the campus. Her husband, Anand teaches at the college.

On their way to pick up their friends.

Piling the kiddos in.

Some of the adults enjoy the birthday feast.

Mr. Dan Trumble taking a swing at the pinata (also known as the Biedebachs "Beat-a-box").

Ami's reindeer cake.

Bradley's boat-he wanted the same cake as last year. Creature of habit.

Kids crowding the table for cake and ice cream.

Running for the candy once the pinata broke open .

AND...yes Bied is holding a pig!

His name is Wilbur and the kids got him as a gift, mainly from their dad!

He is quite smelly and full of fleas. He is 3 months old and has a little pen out back near our water tower. More things to look forward to when you visit friends and family!


Lishe said...

congratz on Brad's birthday too!
did you make those cakes? if so, wow Anita i'm impressed!
organising a donkey car to pick up friends for the party... looks like so much fun! and must be one of the benefits of living in africa, can't imagine us organising that, we would make the 19u pm news haha :D
Btw, does Wilbur run around free in the garden? "wilbur Biedebach"... great name :-p

By the Brook said...

Yes, I made the cakes and Wilbur doesn't run around free in our garden-he'd turn up all the flowers.

Linda Russell said...

When I look at these lovely photos, I can just feel the warmth of the sun... Stunning party and great cakes Neets you must have been so busy! I love the pig! What a special pet.

Laura said...

My kids will be jealous of the pig =). You're making Africa look like way too much fun! Please give Ami and Bradley a birthday hug for us. (A reindeer huh?).

Anonymous said...

Will the pig be dinner?