Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's a Surprising Day!

My mom arrived in Lilongwe today as a surprise for the kids. Brian is driving down to South Africa next week with students from ABC and a fellow colleague. They will attend the Rezolution Conference and hear speakers, John Piper, Conrad Mbewe and Stuart Townend. Because Bied will be away, we asked my mom if she was okay to fly up here to be with us. Brian snuck her into his office chair and hid her behind a big book. I sent the kids into the office to give Daddy something and WOW! they could not believe their eyes. It was just wonderful. I LOVE SURPRISES.
Ami loves her nanny so much and just couldn't believe that she was actually in daddy's office.

Allison was not so sure of her nanny at first, but is warming up slowly. You'd think she'd remember her especially after having stayed with nanny for three and a half weeks just two months ago.

Happy faces all around.

Today we also had a surprise baby shower for a lady in our church.

We had a delicious tea and she received some useful gifts.
This lady happens to live next door to me and so it was kinda tricky trying to keep it quiet, but we did. I do enjoy surprises.


Anonymous said...

How fun!

Lishe said...

what a lovely surprise for the kids, i like the way nanny was hidden behind that big book in the office :D