Friday, May 28, 2010

In my brother's footsteps

Alli Mae has decided that she too will get in on the 'going solo' action and has taken her first steps. Just last week I looked at all her 'hand-me-down' shoes and thought..."Wow, this girl has loads of shoes and she isn't even walking". She's our only baby to get it right before turning one! Ben was 12 months, Brad was 13 months and Ami was 17 months! Seems like they have learned from each other.

Precious bundles and all walking :)

Helping dad to take off Brad's training wheels.

My dad always said that kids don't need shoes until they're walking-it's good for their feet to be free while learning. Here are some of Alli's collection-I think she may have more pairs than me:)
And for those of you who know our kids...well they hardly ever wear shoes, she probably won't even get to wear them all before she grows out of them.


Lishe said...

wow her first steps! you go Alli!

Linda Russell said...

My beautiful nieces and handsome nephews!

Laura said...

Don't they know they're not supposed to grow up without us?! All four of them look so much bigger in that photo =(.

Mrs M said...

so lovely!! Wish I had a pair of those blue sparkly ones. xx