Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Put your face on

My mom has always said, before applying her make-up, that she needs to put her face on. Ami and her good friend decided they were going to put on their faces. It seemed at one moment as though the boys wanted to put theirs on too. But when I asked them if they'd like a little smeared here and there, they both screamed at the idea in disgust. Whew!

Ami very carefully applying the lipstick and Brad showing Sarah how to pucker.

We affectionately refer to Sarah Rose as our fifth child. We shall miss her because she and her family will be on furlough for a whole year beginning this month.


Martin said...

Nanny says 'what beautiful girls!!'

The McDonalds said...


We will miss y'all too. Sarah Rose will especially miss Ami. Thank you for "adopting" our little girl.


Linda Russell said...

Aunty Linda also says 'what beautiful girls!'