Monday, June 14, 2010

Open House

Today was Ami's open house at school. The parents are invited to the classroom to see their child's completed work from the year (all 10 weeks for Ami). We went along and enjoyed meeting some other parents. Ami has done well considering all the adjustments we've been through these past couple of years. She is enjoying school and now Brad and Ben can't wait to go either. The summer school break is a long one and so we look forward to lots of fun at home and sleeping in!

There are 15 kids in her class.

She received an award for having compassion towards her classmates.


Laura said...

That has to have been the best award they gave out. Tell Ami we're proud of her!

Lishe said...

how great is that as a parent to see an award like that handed out to your daughter? well done Ami!

Caroline Gill said...

Well done Ami... that's far better than any academic achievement ever... it will stay with her for life!!