Monday, June 28, 2010

A smile for Nanny

I know many of you have been praying for my dear mother. She is not going to have the cancerous lump in her breast removed and she is not taking any radiation or chemo treatments as per the advice of the doctors. Instead, she is looking at changing her diet, exercising more and has started a course of oxygen therapy. She is feeling fine and we continue to thank the Lord for each day He graciously gives us. I have been doing better too and continue to have good days with the odd bad one here and there. Thank you so much for asking and for continuing to pray for us. We trust the Great Physician!


Linda Russell said...

what a precious face man! Too cute!

Lishe said...

i'm sure a smile like that will help nanny :-)
i'll continue to pray for her!
Pls pray for my dad too, he had a TIA (cerebral infarct > in brains) just the night before he was gonna do the wedding service of my sister and her fiancé. We were all up that night and on the wedding day he had to stay in the hospital :(. We were grateful the Lord spared his life and we were happy when the doctors let him go to the party in the evening! Now he is back in the hospital for control.
We know he is in Gods hands!