Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We have had a number of International Bible Fellowship church get-togethers recently!
It has been great!
Some folks from IBF church on our back porch enjoying Sunday lunch - my mom's delicious saucy chicken recipe!

We had such a fun evening with these couples who attend our church. We all have something in common-our spouses are all from other countries! South African/American, SA/Zimbabwean and Zim/Malawian. We also enjoyed hosting a professor from Christ Seminary in South Africa on this night too.

American, German, Zimbabwean and South African. We had a wonderful time...although I need to remember not to order the spinach canneloni at this restaurant. It looked as though it were swimming in about a gallon of oil!

This family (their son is missing in this pic) attended IBF church for many years, but have since moved back to their home country. It was so much fun to see them in Lilongwe again and to hear how the Lord is using them to impact others for Christ.

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RachFlo said...

Oh I wish we could be there! I miss all these people! =)