Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My mom is looking at alternative treatments for her breast cancer. Because of her heart condition, she may not have radiation, chemotherapy or hormone treatment. Our God answered our prayers so faithfully and her cancer is contained. It has not spread. We are so thankful!
Please keep her in your prayers. I am doing okay, still good days and bad- but trying not to overdo things and rest.
We are so thankful for skype and when our connection is good we can chat to family!


Lishe said...

Than the Lord the cancer has not spread!!! I will pray for her to find alternative ways of treatment.
Happy for you guys we have skype and all these days so you can talk to and see each other. Are you going to visit them soon? Or does your own health not allow that?
lots of love
God Bless

Caroline Gill said...

Wonderful News!!!! Send lots of love from all the Gills to SuperNanny!!

Conrad and Jen said...

So glad to hear the cancer has not spread!! What an answer to prayer!