Friday, January 28, 2011

Rainy afternoons

Our kids spend most of their playtime outside and so it's been fun to see what they have come up with when the rain pours down.
This one made me smile the most. Brian's mom used to read this exact book to him. It has travelled the oceans in its lifetime and now Yertle the Turtle is in the warm heart of Africa being read by dad to his bookworm.

Bradley playing army/war/attack/boy game.

Alli getting into the crayon tub

Ami and Bradley have learned how to play chess.
Ben sticks to his books.


Linda Russell said...

i just LOVED seeing these photo. Keep them coming - such precious kids.

Lishe said...

i have a bookworm just like Ben ;-), lots of pictures of Ezra like that :)
Alli has grown so much!
your kids are adorable :)