Monday, July 6, 2009

Three weeks old

Allison Mae is getting bigger as the days go by. She did very well on the flight up here to Malawi. We had a smooth trip and received all our baggage intact. Chad Mortimer flew with us and is spending a couple of days here. The kids are very glad to be home. We are slowly organizing ourselves and getting our home up and running. I was pleasantly surprised with all the changes that have taken place at our house. Wow, the team did an amazing job.


Laura said...

Wow, that happens so fast! Already she looks so big... in a beautiful, feminine kind of way =).

Karen Bayne said...

She is so beautiful, looks like she has already lost that new born look!! Glad you are back home

Linda Russell said...

Totally agree with Laura! Allison look so big already:)
Glad to see you are settling in well. Will phone you soon. Love you all tons!

Linda Russell said...

Please can you send me an original (full size - hi res) of your new family photo. I would like to print it out!

Conrad and Jen said...

She's pretty cute Anita! I can't believe how much all your kids look alike. Good to hear that you got back to Malawi safely.

Lishe said...

good to read you came home well and are setteling again well!
i agree, she almost doesnt' look newborn anymore, i guess she had Brian's sizes haha :)
she is so cute!
please sent me that familypicture too ;)

Lee-Anne said...

Anita, she is SO beautiful! Congratulations again. So sad I couldn't see you again. Best wishes for you and your family. Lee-Anne
Ps. did you hear we're expecting too?!