Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunset Beach

We had a blessed time this past weekend with friends from Seal Beach and then also spent some time together as a family at Sunset Beach. It was relaxing and we wish we could've stayed longer. The days were glorious. Where in the world can you sit on the beach in autumn and really enjoy it? Probably Durbs and Sunset Beach...
Me and my bucket.
These two are good friends :)

This was a gleeful scream.
Splashing around in the icy Pacific.

We noticed a seagull pecking at something. The kids ran to check what it was. Can you see it at the end of the shovel? A starfish.
Alli baby also getting her dose of the CA sunshine.


Linda Russell said...

Beach looks great! Perfect playground for children. Love the one of Benjamin running toward you and Ami and B-rad together - very sweet.

Lishe said...

love the pics, indeed the one of ami and brad is so cute! but ik like to see you too, so relaxed and happy!