Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fort Final

Bied helped quite a bit with the final finishes on the fort. The kids did carry the huge wooden door from where Wilbur's pen used to be all the way to the 'bee tree' (named so, because of the periodic visits from swarms of honey makers:)). I helped to bandage and mend the one toe that was crushed by the very heavy wooden door...So after some effort by all, we went from mud pool to mud hut. Did I mention two of our kids have some kind of fungal ringworm from playing in the dirt? I felt bad for letting them get all mucky. But then someone reminded me that playing outside is better than sitting cooped up in front of a computer or TV all day.

Yes and in case you were wondering, Wilbur's pen behind the water tower is no longer. To market, to market to buy a fat pig...we sold him. He was getting rather large and costing us quite a bit to keep him that size. Suprisingly, the kids haven't been too concerned of his whereabouts. What did concern us this week though, was Allison's very high fevers and listlessness. The doctor here has put her on a dose of malaria medication. Her fevers have come down, but we're still keeping a close eye on her. She and I were unable to join the rest of our family who joined the team on a mini safari and trip to Lake Malawi today.


carrie said...

How fun! I am praying for little Allison.

Laura said...

Your kids have the coolest forts! We'll be praying for Ali... and her mama =).

Lishe said...

this looks so coooool!!!
they're gonna have lots of fun with this!