Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mice cream

Remove one already prepared mouse for eating from his line of friends.
Place already prepared mouse in a cone and cover completely with vanilla ice cream so as to deceive the partaker aka the team leader.
Have partaker in a good position so all can see as he licks away.
When partaker realizes he is going for a mouse, everyone laughs uncontrollably.
Partaker passes on the challenge to a team member. Daniel ate the entire mice cream and was awarded a second helping at dinnertime and first in line to dish up.
The only daring damsel to eat a furry rodent.
A great try. I like Emily's expression in the background.
Jake peeled off the fur and managed a couple bites.
Taylor had some fur left on his tongue.
Those who eat an entire mouse are rewarded with another cone.

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Lishe said...

and they didn't get sick? brrrr very tough guys!