Friday, September 23, 2011

Madam Fluff's 8th Birthday

Happy birthday big eight year old! Traditional singing and candle blowing.

Opening gifts in bed.

Ami decided she wanted a tea party for her birthday. Here are some fancy ladies putting on a royal tea pose.

Ami's teacher, the eight girls from her class, Alli Mae and brothers were invited.

Blowing out all 8 birthday candles.
Enjoying tea, cucumber sandwiches, watermelon slices, chicken rolls, chocolate cookie bars, strawberries covered in chocolate and birthday cake.

Teapot birthday cake.

The 'bubbling baptismal' doubling up as fun for Ami's tea party. Needless to say the pump has broken again and we haven't used it since then:(


Lishe said...

looks like she had a lovely day! Happy birthday to Ami!

I remember that day very well too ;-) first celebrating a bit for Ezra in the morning, then off to hospital to suffer a bit and receiving our lovely daughter :)

Anonymous said...

lovely idea for the cake! By the way I have seen all these posts already, but am not always logged in so I can't leave comments. but now that I am logged into Wordpress I can! You are a great Mom! Love all the special ways you look after your family.