Friday, November 11, 2011


Brian was asked to be the guest speaker at a conference which was held near Mangochi this month. The folk who invited him were very happy to have us join Brian. So while he taught, the kids and I spent our days swimming and eating. We felt like kings.
We packed the land rover and headed out for a 3 and a half hour drive south. The drive was beautiful and we were so happy to get out of the city of Lilongwe for a bit.

Toilet stop on the way! It's a jungle out there.
Our very elegant dinners-and kiddos with no shoes...
What are Ami and Ben looking at?
A vervet monkey who was spying out our lunch. The waiters had catties (catapults) in their hands and evertime they raised their hands as though they were going to send a rock in the monkeys' direction, they scattered through the trees very quickly.

Ben soaking up the sun

Just exhausted on the way home!

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