Saturday, September 22, 2012

A BIG Party

Ami and Bradley's birthdays are quite close, so we decided to combine them again this year.  More kids, more fun! One party day instead of two:) 
We picked up Ami, Bradley, Ben and their friends after school.

All the kids!

Karen, Allison's friend from Malawi

Princess Allison

Birthday Boy!

Tsinde from Malawi

Luntha from Malawi

Stephen from USA

Benja from crazy world.

Hannah form RSA

Kara from USA

Rose from UK

Maja from Denmark

Birthday Girl!

Zaharaa from Lebanon

Theola from Malawi

Gwen from USA

Nthanda from Malawi
Dumi from Malawi

Sam from USA

Mr van Rensburg

Our neighbour

Ami's teacher

We enjoyed hotdogs, watermelon, popcorn, cake and ice cream.

We played the fun dunk your head into flour for a candy game.

Warren's face was the best.

Waiting to dunk their heads in the flour.
We borrowed the Chinchen's dunk tank thingy. It was a huge hit.

"I believe I can fly!"

Nanny helped me make and ice the cakes. She brought the decorations up from South Africa.

Family photo.

Karen, Alli and Chisomo.


I can take on anything!

See...I can take on anything...with my dad.

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