Saturday, January 12, 2013

First time in the snow

Before Brian starts teaching next week at The Master's Seminary, we decided to take our friends' offer to use their cabin up in Big Bear.  This couldn't have come at a better time. I have had a couple headache and paralysis episodes since arriving in the US and we think the rest will be good.  Here is Allison attempting her fisrt ever snow angel.

Bradley was thrilled to be airborne for a while. We found a couple of ramps that other folk had made and took advantage of them.

Had to have a snowball fight too.

First time to lick an icicle and learn all about how they form.

"I'm getting out the way now!"

When we arrived at the cabin in Big Bear, the children were wearing thin tops and had open shoes on. They were SO eager to get into the snow, but had no idea how freezing it would be. They started picking it up with their bare hands and in less than five minutes they were crying and wanted to get into the house for a warm bath. A first time for everything, I guess. If they are ever in snow again I'm sure they'll remember to have snow clothes, extra socks, boots, hats and gloves on before they venture out.

 Love it when their cheeks get rosy. We have had a great time.

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