Monday, March 25, 2013

Friends in ARKANSAS

This past weekend has been busy, but fun. We flew into Fort Worth and arrived at Brian's sister at midnight. We went to bed and then the next morning we drove in his sister-in-law's car to Little Rock, Arkansas. We spent some time with our friends, the Senn family. Brian preached for Tim Senn yesterday and we also met with their missions' committee. While there our old neighbours in Malawi, the McDonalds, drove from Mississippi to visit with us. Ami was so excited to be able to spend time with her best friend, Sarah Rose.  

 At the base of the mountain.  Brian said they almost ran up the whole way.
 Brian took the kids, minus Allison, hiking up Pinnacle Mountain.
At the Bible Church of Little Rock we were able to see friends who we haven't seen in six years! Shea is one of the sweetest women I know! She and her husband have been to South Africa too!

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