Friday, April 5, 2013

Our hearts ache

Today was the funeral service for my sister, Linda Russell's, sister-in-law.  I have cried so much, but I know and fully trust God's sovereign plans.  Thanking God too, that sweet Lana is no longer suffering.  She is without pain and in the presence of her Saviour.
James and Lana graciously hosted us when we went to visit London before a missions' conference.

Lana suffered from cystic fibrosis and was not sure she would ever have children.  Here she is with the first of her two boys.
That's Ami sitting on Lana's lap. My sister regarded Lana like her own sister.  They lived a couple doors down the road from each other and would get together all the time.
Her smile says it all. I don't know of a day that Lana wasn't happy.
This was at our house in South Africa before James and Lana left South Africa for the UK.
This was a ladies' tea at our house.
Lana giving her testimony before her baptism at Grace Christian Church in Primrose.

Christmas at our house in South Africa - 2002
Lana with the red Christmas hat on.
Our prayers are for James, Jaden and Evan.
That God would grant them His comfort during this very difficult time.

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