Monday, May 27, 2013

Busy May Days

The crazy Biedebachs and Mahoneys

Yummy lunch with our Duncan friends.

 Allison and Owen- he is the cutest boy! 
Sommer lekker om saam met 'n paar Suid-Afrikaners te kuier! Found out that one of the SA couples actually knows my cousin! Small world.
 The parks in the US are something we'll miss when we return to Lilongwe.

Steph and Jini came for dinner and we were thrilled to meet Lido! Bradley was in love. We are seriously considering getting a dog when we return to Malawi.

 Other kids' toys are always more interesting than your own.  Allison was in wonderland.

Delicious Mexican food with our dear friends, the Michaelsons and the Ugaldes.

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