Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Allison

Auntie Joan with the kids.
Allison's favourite cake-carrot

We spent some more time at the beach today.
The day she was born! So thankful, especially when we think back of what a difficult time that was with my health.

Allison turns one and also sits on the first birthday table.
Allison gets a motorbike for her second birthday.

Allison turns three. In this past year Allison has really grown up. Before she turned four, she learned how to swim, write her full names and spell several words. She cannot wait to go to school. She loves her siblings and doesn't like it when Ami does things without her. She is a very precious four year old and definitely the cutest one we know.

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Lishe said...

4? wow time flies! and happy birthday to Alli!