Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Doctors' reports

Today Benjamin saw the neurosurgeon and he is very happy with Benjamin's progress so far.  He has given us the go ahead to return to Malawi. We are very thankful for that! Benjamin will still have to be very careful and is not permitted to participate in any physical activites for six months. He and I counted out the days until February! 
The neurologist who I saw said that he didn't know what was wrong with me.  My dear friend joked and said she hoped he'd find a brain:) Good news is that he tested my heart and brain and all looks fine. He did say though that he thinks that what I may be experiencing is called vasovagal attacks or neurocardiac syncope. Stress is a big factor and will bring on these episodes, whatever they are. I trust that the Lord knows exactly what is going on and am thankful for the fact He is completely sovereign. My stitches are out too and so the two of us are getting packed and CANNOT WAIT to see Brian and the kids!
We  have had some great snuggle mornings, just the two of us, but we miss snuggles with the rest of the gang!

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