Sunday, August 31, 2008

More pictures of the house...

All the dirt you see will eventually be grass. This is our backyard. We have a cement slab/patio.

This is to give you an idea of the height of our water tower. This is very helpful for water pressure.

The door and windows that you see are Brian's office and the church office. It's great having his office attached to the house. The offices have only been plastered. Right now they are being used as storage for cement, tiles and a whole lot of other things! We don't go in there very often, for fear of injury. Brian is still using his old "pandokkie" as his office.

We just love our huge driveway and the neighbors' kids seem to love it too! It's perfect for bikes and skateboards. Our 'Freestate Ferrari' is still going like a boeing!

God has been so gracious in providing this home for us. A place where we can raise our children. A place that can be used to share His truth and a place where Brian and the leaders of the church can meet and work from.

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Wie zijn de groenboekels? said...

The house looks great, lots of space to play outside indeed! Wish i could see it one day with my own eyes :).
The Lord blesses you that for sure!