Monday, September 1, 2008

What's that?

Benjamin is starting to say so many 'words' now. Just the other day he was pointing at this thing in the grass and saying, "gogg" which is gogga, the Afrikaans word for bug. All the kids use this word and sometimes even Brian.
For our precious US family and friends "gogga" pronounced ho-ha with a deep gutteral sound.

This is him saying the "gogg" word!

Here he is touching it - a white fluffy flowery kind of thing which looked like a "gogga" to him.


Wie zijn de groenboekels? said...

Unbelievable, is that Benjamin??? He is has grown hey, he looks more like Bradley now! So he loves the gogga's in Malawi :)
Lishe & Michael

nickyskye said...

Wonderful post. Beautiful photographs of your son's first linguistic accomplishment! As an American baby in South Africa (my dad received a Fulbright scholarship to get his PhD in geology at Wits Uni), gogga was my first word too, in 1954, taught by my Afrikaans speaking,Zulu nanny.