Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Upon Request...more pics of the house

We are still "moving in". We haven't hung any pictures yet, but we'll get there.

That's Brian reading on the couch-not just some leg. The light fixtures were a gift from my mom!
They look stunning.

Here you can see where our "TV" is and also my desk.

This is where we sit to watch a DVD. We do not have television-which is a blessing! AND plus Malawi only has two channels, both in Chichewa. They only got TV in 2000.

This is the diningroom/living room


Laura said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the colors you've choosen, huge table, club chairs, crown moulding, the floors... everything!

kissaknee said...

the house looks lovely! putting up wall hangings/decorations is always a time consuming last step!

Wie zijn de groenboekels? said...

wauw really like your interior!!