Friday, September 5, 2008

A cup of tea...

Today we had all the workers who have built our house and their families join us for tea. We wanted to say thank you to them for all their hard work and also have their families see what they have done.

Ami with Tadala, Custom's little girl.

From L to R:
Pierre, Custom, Elard and Mackford

Willie - he is a good carpenter

Some of these workers have started attending International Bible Fellowship Church. Kondwani, who is a Malawian Pastor at our church, is helping to minister to these people in their own language.


The Mom said...

yay! Mark and I are so glad you started a blog, we will very much enjoy keeping up with you all. We've already enjoyed the pictures of your beautiful children...we'll check often for updates! :o)

We love you all!
Terah (for Mark and Alicia)

Wie zijn de groenboekels? said...
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Wie zijn de groenboekels? said...

sorry deleted mine by accident:
what i meant to say is that it's wonderful that some of them are attending the bible church now!!!

Laura said...

Wow, Custom's daughter is GORGEOUS and of course we're pretty partial to the beauty pictured with her =). Danny will be excited to see these!

rodney said...

My, my, little Ami is sure looking grown up! And the video of Bradley eating a mouse--too funny--esp. Anita's face! We miss you guys and are praying as you have the medical team with you.