Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Less than 25 miles per hour...

This is a very, very good road!

The roads we travelled on to South Luangwa in Zambia were so bad that it seemed forever before we got there. On Thursday night(9:30pm) last week Brian said, "I think you and the kids should get up at 4am and come with me and the team to Zambia tomorrow". The team had planned their debrief a while back and it was decided then that the kids and I stay in Malawi because of the long drive and various commitments I had. In the end, we did go with and it was fantastic! So fun to spend more time with the team and to be together as a family. I suppose sometimes it's better just to pack and leave instead of getting oneself all stressed with the planning and packing for a trip.

Tom amd Lisa Hatter, with Benjamin as mascot.

We stayed at Mfuwe Lodge. This was our chalet. There are no fences and the animals are right outside your window. Brian saw an elephant while he was in the shower.

This is the waterhole from our chalet. We saw crocodiles and hippos here.

Team picture minus Phil Chang. We miss them already!

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