Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This is an obtusa frangipani tree, which the kids love to climb. At least the fall to the ground isn't too far :) Frangipani flowers are highly scented during nights and often used in bouquets. They have a tropical essence. The flower is propeller shaped with a delicate yellow center melting into the creamy white outer petals. In the summer these are just beautiful. Bradley often gives them to me to put in my hair. I shall post a picture when they are in bloom.


Laura said...

Oh what Parker wouldn't give for a climbable tree in his yard! He has to settle for an oak that grows close enough to a chain link fence at our park that he can use the fence for footing. Even then, he only gets to climb when Daddy is around =).

kissaknee said...

i think i remember a photo of you with the beautiful flower in your hair...it reminded me of flowers native to Hawaii!