Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Snap Shots - Malawi Medical Team

A very tired team! They have worked so hard. It's tiring being in the hot African sun all day trying to communicate with and 'fix' people who are very ill.

Jeff and Kristil Dalrymple. He is the team leader.

Benjamin being carried 'malawi style'.

This is Suzanne's second birthday in Malawi. She and her husband Jay, were on the team last year.
So glad you were willing to spend it here again serving the people of this country.

Danny, Dave and Dr. Ted
All these guys were with us in South Africa in 2005.
Danny and Dr. Ted have been on all three medical missions' trips to Africa from GCC.

This is the chapel where our church meets. The medical team took up a couple of rows.

Phil Chang helped to lead the music at our church.

The entourage of much needed 4x4 vehicles for entry into the villages.
The team used seven vehicles to get around.

Some of the team at the breakfast table with the kids. Seven of the ladies on the team babysat our children so that we could enjoy a date night. We had a fanatstic time-our babysitters on the other hand, had pandimonium break out.

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kissaknee said...

i hope you guys enjoyed the date night! i was asking Phil if he knew what you guys would be doing on the date night so we could have some ideas for our next one! =) thanks for posting more pics of the team! phil got back home safely and an hour early yesterday and is back at his regular job today...