Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Patient Endurance

In order to stay in Malawi, we need to have a Temporary Employment Permit (TEP). It is typical to apply for this soon after arrival and it usually arrives about four months later (approved or not approved). We arrived here in August of 2007 and we are still waiting to find out if we are approved or not. Brian has been down to several immigration offices to try and sort this out, and so far the only answer we have gotten is that our application has been lost - twice. Above, you will see a photo of a senior immigration officer looking for our application. Below is a photo of his personal filing system. This week we applied for a third time. Please pray that this gets resolved quickly. It matters a great deal whenever we try to leave the country and return and it also affects our long term status in this country.


Laura said...

Sure gives you a lot of faith in the system! We'll be praying.

Melissa said...

It kind of looks like your dad's office. :)

Marcia said...

Maybe the next STM team that visits could develop a filing system for this office. :)