Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All in one day

Today was rather eventful. Brian took me for a 4D scan which is a complimentary non-diagnostic scan from the hospital. It was fun because we never had one with any of the other kids. We are excited to meet our newest addition in a few months and are thankful that things are going well. I shall continue to see my midwife here in SA and also my ob/gyn at 36 weeks. Please pray that the baby comes at the right time, God's time is always right!

The lady doing the scan said that the baby has lots of hair and chubby cheeks. She also saw the baby's gender, but we are happy to be surprised on the day!

We also went out to have lunch with uncle Martin and Nanny, because Brian is leaving tomorrow. The kids love the Spur and they get to play. Boo Boo played a little too hard and received a rather severe blow to his head. Opa commented how wonderfully we've been made and how hard our skull bones actually are.

What a bump :(

Not a happy Boy!

And then on the way home from the restaurant Nanny, uncle Martin and Ami witnessed a hijacking with guns and all. It happened at a four-way stop intersection. Martin was stopped at one of the four stops. Two men in a 4X4 rammed their vehicle into a Mercedes Benz with two business men inside who were on their way to deposit money at the bank. The Mercedes reversed into the intersection trying to make a get away. The hijackers did the same and jumped out with guns, took the money and drove off. All those at the intersection stayed right where they were at and didn't attempt anything knowing that if they tried they might be shot. We explained to Ami, who was a little tearful, that we need to thank God for His protection and that we need to pray for those men, that they would be convicted of their sin and turn to Christ.

Praising the God Who is in complete control and Who in His grace and mercy protected our family today.


Natalie said...

Wow, what a day! How scary about the hijacking. Praise the Lord for protecting all of you during that situation. He is so good!

Lishe said...

what a bump indeed, but i love his curly hair, he's grown so much seen i have seen him, he was still a baby then!

waauw what a scary thing to see a hijacking! Thank God nothing severe happened!