Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bugs 'n Stones

This past week has been real tough! Brian realized on Monday he had symptoms for kidney stones again. Poor guy! He eventually managed to pass the 8mm monster on Friday. He suffered for long, but has learned from his brother to just live on pain killers and flush them out. That saved him a trip to South Africa.
I had some kind of weird stomach bug that caused severe cramping and pain just like when I had to go down to SA while preggy. The symptoms that go along with stomach bugs have subsided, however a sharp pain in my lower abdomen has still not gone. We checked for ovarian cysts and found nothing. I will see the doctor again tomorrow. Please pray for wisdom for us and the doctor here at ABC clinic. Pray that we would find out what it is before we leave for the US in 4 weeks. Shall keep you updated!


Natalie said...

We will be praying for the both of you!

Conrad and Jen said...

Have they checked your appendix? THat sounds like some of the symptoms that I had. We will be praying that all of you are back to normal before you fly out.

Laura said...

Uggh. We'll be praying! Danny's hoping Brian will bring his latest "baby" along for him to admire.