Saturday, September 26, 2009

Donkeys and Boxes

So for Ami and Bradley's combined party, Brian (aka REAL fun daddy) organized a donkey cart from the nearby village. The cart drove down the campus road and picked up the kids from their houses. It was so cool. We often see the donkey carts along the road here in Lilongwe, so it was so fun to actually have one on the campus and get a ride in it too.

Riding along the campus road with the party guests!

Ami had a butterfly cake and Brad had a boat. And of course they were wearing their birthday crowns. Can hardly believe they are 6 and 4.

Lots of fun on the slip 'n slide too!

Brian and Richard put together a castle made out of all the boxes from the Floreens' unpacking stint.

The kids loved it! There were tunnels all over which led to a huge box room filled with packing paper for the kids to jump in.

The adults feasting together.
Praising God for giving Ami and Bradley these wonderful years.


Laura said...

Wow. Our little Mickey Mouse party here is going to seem so lame! As is our tiny little box of a playhouse upstairs. Alyssa and Parker were quite devestated to find out that there will be no box city or trunk or treat at my parents' church this year on Halloween (it falls on a Sat and they have services Sat night). Now when they see this they're going to be really sad!!
So glad you're all now well and having FUN together!

Melissa said...

So creative! You guys know how to make a birthday fun.

Natalie said...

So that's why you were saving the Floreen's moving boxes!!! Very creative. Looks like so much fun........ not so bad being an MK!!

Lorraine said...

I've been wondering what happened with those boxes, how fun... no one can feel like your kids miss out living on the mission field!

Lishe said...

you guys have so much phantasy and creativity!!! Thos parties always seem mike so much fun!

Caroline Gill said...

You guys put all us party-planning fanatics to shame... well done. we had a good giggle at the fun... wish we were there (or you were here) and miss you.